JSON-LD Framing

Hi all,
is there anybody outsite, who is working with JSON-LD Framing?
Can we find Framing settings, that is more or less able to generate a “compatible” version of RDF for other activity-pub servers?

Can you say more - what would you like to do with framing?

It’s a newer technique in JSON-LD that lets you put a frames or shapes inside a document. It’s quite a bit more complexity but has certain esoteric use cases. Unless you have a good reason to use them, I would avoid them. AP isnt fully compatible with JSON-LD yet, so advanced features might be learning curve, and also a challenge to get upstream.

My AP implementation works with a triple store. So deliver rdf objects in turtle or “real”-json-ld is not a problem, until the library i’m using supports the format in a correct way.

if it is possible to find json-ld framing settings to produce json-ld that is understandable for “all” AP Servers/Clients, then that would be a dream.

Ohhh I see. Yeah, not sure something like that exists currently. You should create a repo / project for it!

I think:

  "@context": "https://www.w3.org/ns/activitystreams", 
  "type": "Create"

works as a frame to turn something that has the expected data for a create activity into what most Fediverse applications expect.

See JSON-LD Playground

There’s a long list of caveats to this. For example you should probably not include the Actor object in the graph the frame is applied to. Similarly, the object should probably be included. For other base activities just replace “Create” by something appropriate. If you use Hashtags, you should define them in the @context.