Kepi and libraries

For the last couple of years, I’ve been working on and off on a Mastodon-like microblogging server called kepi.

I have reached an impasse: I’ve done all the interesting stuff (Mastodon API and ActivityPub support) and what’s left is dull (the HTML/JS interface, which TBH wouldn’t need to be much different from Mastodon’s own anyway).

Unfortunately, a microblogging system you can’t use from a browser isn’t all that useful for most people, and a lot of work would be needed before you could. It could work if someone wrote the bits I’m not enthused about, but I’ve asked around a few times and nobody seems interested on collaborating.

However, a lot of kepi would work well as standalone libraries. In particular, trilby (the Mastodon API support) would be useful for other people in other places, and indeed I’ve been playing with adding it into GROGGS. And bowler (the ActivityPub support) is something a lot of people might need. There are also some functions in busby (support for some .well-known services) which might be useful to others.

I’m not confident enough about writing general-use standalone Python libraries to do this at present. In particular, I don’t have a reasonable grasp on all the possible use cases for something like bowler. I will read up on it, but help would be appreciated.