Kepi releases

After the discussion about kepi roadmaps at the #hackathon, I’ve released the current version of kepi as a baseline to work from.

This release has no web interface, but is somewhat usable with an app.

You can install it with pip install kepi.


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(kepi 0.5 “dillian” released today; probably not worth updating unless you want bleeding-edge stuff. kepi 0.6 “shine” is coming in the second week of November and will be more interesting for end users.)

kepi 0.7 “shine” released. The major visible change is that users and statuses have HTML representations as well as ActivityPub.

This release overran because life got in the way. Next release will have a demo server.



I’m curious, what happened to 0.6? You were announcing it as ‘shine’. Did you skip one number on purpose?

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Oops-- well spotted. According to the git logs, I updated the version number in kepi/ after “archer”, but forgot I’d done so and incremented it for “dillian”, which was then released as 0.6 on pypi. (Since “dillian” didn’t have much new user-visible stuff, nobody apparently noticed.) Then “shine” naturally became 0.7.

I’m having to rejig the timeline for the next few releases anyway, because “shine” overran and because I want to get the demo server up sooner. So I guess skipping a minor release number was a little appropriate after all :slight_smile:

(By the way, the releases are named after the seven megalomaniac wizards in Diana Wynne Jones’s book Archer’s Goon: Archer, Dillian, Shine, Torquil, Hathaway, Erskine, and Venturus. Erskine should be v1.0.)


I guess it’s OK to skip anything at 0.x :slight_smile:

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