Layout personalization

We want to change the el-footer in layouts/default.vue. Do we need to clone gancio git repo, change layouts/default.vue in our cloned git repo and then deploy gancio from our cloned git repo? Is it any other simple way to do this?


I am not saying you should, but wouldn’t it be better to ask these types of questions in the Gancio issue tracker instead, since they are not directly related to implementing ActivityPub? I see you are already active there…

Sorry, I was thinking this is a forum to ask questions about Gancio software in general

Ah, it was just a suggestion. I’m not a moderator here, and this use may be perfectly fine, but it seemed better to me to keep things in their most appropriate (imho) locations. This forum is not too busy right now, but if for all AP implementations there would be general code discussion it would be harder to find the AP-related stuff :slight_smile: