LearnAwesome - is an ActivityPub compliant alternative to GoodReads

Hi all,

I’m building https://learnawesome.org as an open-source learning network. A simple way to understand this is as an equivalent to GoodReads - although the focus is on learning with all kinds of media such as books, courses, podcasts, newsletters, tweetstorms, apps etc. It’s a social network built for learning.

I have implemented ActivityPub support in LearnAwesome. See this issue: https://github.com/learn-awesome/learn/issues/121

This will let anyone using apps like Mastodon to follow my learning activity (such as book reviews) without signing up on LearnAwesome. They just need to visit a user’s profile and follow the ActivityPub username:

This is built with Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, TailwindCSS. There are also browser extension and mobile apps in progress. I’m posting here hoping to get more developer contributors. :slight_smile:

Feedback welcome!


It made it to Hacker News front page! :open_mouth: : https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23795779


Hey nilesh,

thank you for posting it, I’m excited to check it out.
In the spirit of communication and coming together I’d like to mention two other ActivityPub learning projects, https://moodle.org and also https://mastodon.social/web/accounts/910312 cause maybe if it overlaps, you can work together with some code.
Otherwise it is just an account recommendation :slight_smile:

If you want your own template in this category just let us know.

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Hi @nilesh! This sounds like an awesome project, and I think I’ll be using it soon. :slight_smile:

I’m also working on a direct alternative to GoodReads for books, novels, comics, etc. rather than learning material called Readlebee! I’m not nearly as far along and there’s no public instance yet, but if you’re at all interested, the GitLab repo can be found at http://readlebee.buzz, and I have a Mastodon presence where I talk about progress on the project and other open source/ActivityPub projects that I learn about: @Readlebee@floss.social

Anyway, I just got excited to see someone working on a similar project and wanted to say hello!


Great project, congrats.

PS. You were also added to the AP watchlist.


Thanks @Alamantus .

The ultimate goal is to make a Google Maps for Learning, but as of now, it resembles GoodReads. I feel that OpenLibrary by Internet Archive will do a good job of replacing GoodReads per se.

Thanks @aschrijver for adding to the watchlist. :slight_smile: