LearnAwesome.org - Building a better GoodReads with ActivityPub

Nilesh Trivedi

I have been building LearnAwesome.org as an ActivityPub compliant equivalent of GoodReads - generalized to learning, rather than reading. It’s both a repository of learning resources (books, but also blogs, courses, podcasts, newsletters, livestreams etc) and a social network. In this talk, I will talk about the system design, a demo and walk you through the steps I took to implement ActivityPub source and sink support in this Ruby on Rails based webapp.

Questions & Answers available!

Q&A Session – LearnAwesome.org - Building a better GoodReads with ActivityPub
⬡ Hooray, the live Questions & Answers are available here


Sharing some things that came up in the Q&A:

Inspiration for LearnAwesome: Danny Hillis’ 2012 talk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKcZ8ozCah0

The spiral approach to thinking and learning: https://learnawesome.org/items/1ef5ff78-7c37-4f5d-bbdd-1cd0ba40479c-the-spiral-approach-to-thinking-and-learning

Projects which are trying to build an exact equivalent of GoodReads (focused on books and reading, as opposed to multi-media learning):

Dublin Core’s Learning Resource Metadata Initiative: https://www.dublincore.org/about/lrmi/

HAHA Acedemy’s visualization of topic tree: https://haha.academy/

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