Lemmy-Discourse federation

@angus Im currently testing some new changes for federating with Discourse. Its pretty close to working, but now there is a problem because Discourse doesnt mark its posts as public. To fix this you should add "https://www.w3.org/ns/activitystreams#Public" either in cc or to.

Edit: The changes are now live on voyager.lemmy.ml so you can give it a try.


Exciting to see all this work on federation!

@nutomic Exciting! Thanks for working on this.

We mark activities and objects as public when they’re being sent to an inbox, and when the activity is being retrieved directly, but yes, we need to add the same addressing when the object is being retrieved directly. That’ll be the case when this is merged.

I’ll try federating between socialhub and voyager.lemmy.ml when that PR is merged :+1: