Lemmy-NodeBB federation

@devnull I hope you can see this here as Im unable to create posts in NodeBB category. Im currently trying to get federation with NodeBB working, but it fails because Pages reference the Group in audience field as https://community.nodebb.org/category/31/threadiverse-working-group, however the returned object has an id of https://community.nodebb.org/category/31. The Group has to be rejected then for security reasons (see here). So to fix this you should put the actual Group.id into Page.audience field.

I also tried to create a post on NodeBB from voyager.lemmy.ml but it didnt show up. Do you need to whitelist the instance first, or is there another incompatibility? Feel free to create a test account on that instance to check it, I will approve it asap.


Thanks for the feedback, will take a look at this today if I can.

You’re right, the id should be the one sent back.

How are you trying to create the post, by mentioning the category actor directly?

I don’t think I actually support that yet. Forgot about it, but will add it to the top of the backlog

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Post creation looks like this on Lemmy. You can also register an account on the test instance and try it yourself.

@nutomic as per FEP-7888, I am updating topic URLs so that they now return an as:OrderedCollection, although I will keep audience intact as required by FEP-1b12.

I will update it so audience matches the Group uri.

Great its working now!

I also sent a follow request and a reply, both of them went through successfully :slight_smile:

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@nutomic what is the preferred way for Lemmy to ingest an activity to create a new context/post?

Group actor in audience with no inReplyTo?

Yes that sounds right. If it doesnt work, send me the activity json then I will throw it into the test cases and see whats wrong.