Let's explore self-governance in the Fediverse - May 29th @ 15:00UTC


A group from an organization I work with and volunteer for is organizing a discussion on self-governance in the Fediverse and we’re excited to invite anyone who works with the Activity Pub project or Fediverse-connected communities to join and share their experiences, challenges and successes!

That could be anyone from protocol designers, to software developers, to server hosts or engaged community members!

You can read more, sign up, and/or find the Big Blue Button room link to join here:


Time min Topic
0:00 5 Welcome and agenda presentation, introduce FOSC and SoFA
0:05 15 Introduction round, get to know each other
0:20 30 Understanding tensions within current common governance models
0:50 15 Sharing sociocratic practices
1:05 15 Next steps for FOSC?
1:20 10 Check-Out
1:30 End
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