Let's federate all WordPress events around the web!

Several projects are moving towards having federated events:

According to HostingTribunal WordPress powers 34% of Internet websites (:scream_cat:), which often has a calendar using some plug-in like Events Manager. What about allowing all these events to get federated? :heart_eyes_cat:

We already have two plugins to federate WordPress articles, maybe they can be a starting point to federate also events?

The best IMO would be create a plugin compatible with the most used events managers. :green_heart:

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This is great, I was looking into this very idea last year. Basically, I had settled on using Jeremy’s ActivityPub PHP library, but development of the lib seems to have stopped at the beginning of the year, and I started working on something else before trying to implement this.

Again and again I hear from people that Events are one of the main reasons they are on fb.

Anyhow I’m open to collaborating, though time is limited atm!

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I also spoke with him and the development got stuck… :frowning: but seems that somebody else did the job:

What do you think?

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Oook, just trying to push ActivityPub forward and promote related projects! :smiley_cat: :deciduous_tree:

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If this works for Wordpress, which would be wonderful, how well would it work for MediaWiki?

(Alliteration not intentional.)

no idea, sounds OT, maybe you can create a new topic about it! :smiley_cat:

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@Emphack you might be interested in the developer discussion about event federation at Petites Singularités.

What is your relationship with the Wordpress development team? Would you take charge of a Wordpress category here?

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Very interesting, thanks! :smiley_cat:

I’m just trying to aggregate informations and share ideas: I’m using WordPress and several plugins (like the AP one) for a community project, but I’m not currently developing any of them.

If you’re already registered could you link this topic in that thread please? :green_heart: