Looking for volunteer FEP process facilitators

As @silverpill wrote, we can use some more people to help facilitate the FEP process.

This involves on Codeberg the checking if FEP submissions are complete, review PR’s, create and interact with tracking issues, and then on SocialHub create FEP-related discussion threads. Additionally there are plenty of small and larger improvements to contribute to if you wish.

At this moment @silverpill and @helge are most active FEP facilitators, and help with just reviewing PR’s would already speed up the process significantly and not cost much time.


What specific tasks are involved here?

Hi @andypiper … I moved your post here, as this was created in reaction to @silverpill’s question.

See above for what this generally involves. Any tiny bit of help is already great. For instance the FEP has a rule that there should be 2 review approvals on a PR, which can cause a simple terminology change to stall for an unnecessary long time.

The duties of a FEP facilitator are described in FEP-a4ed.

In addition to that, we have a number of open issues with proposals to improve the FEP process: Issues - fediverse/fep - Codeberg.org

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Thanks, I’ll look at these two references shortly.

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I’d love to help here and I may be able to facilitate on an occasional basis; but tallying up my other Fedi-related activities at the moment I’m not going to be able to commit a lot of time (much as I want to) around the FEP process. Happy to get involved as a small part of a (perhaps?) small group of facilitators, though.


That is wonderful. Thank you, Andy!

I have added you to the @fep.hosts group, so you have moderator access to Fediverse Enhancement Proposals category. And you are also added to the team that has write access to the FEP repository.