Making an event appear in the calendar

Off Topic: I just clicked on SocialCG - SocialHub and noticed it gives one a calendar view. Can one make these announcements show up there?

Interesting @helge, never noticed. Ping @how for instruction…

I think that is still CEST (UTC+2) :thinking:

@helge you can add items to the calendar by inserting a period with the calendar icon in the composer (see discourse-calendar docs)

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From discourse docs

Once the reply is submitted, the entry is added to the calendar and will be displayed after a reload of the topic.

I guess I wait a bit?

I don’t think so. It should be appearing. Something’s wrong. Maybe I should remove the old event plugin… But that one has a different usage and purpose. If you edit the first post and add an event (through the gear icon) it should offer you a way to invite people to the event. But that’s supposed to be different. I’m missing why your event does not register.

Oh, I got it… In order for the event to appear on the category calendar, one must insert an event in the first post… Let’s try it now…


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See documentation for creating events: đź—“ Discourse Event - plugin - Discourse Meta