Mastodon 2022 Goals

@Gargron just posted the first annual report for #software:mastodon as a German non-profit on Patreon. There are a lot of interesting things in the report, but I’ll just list the goals for the coming years, copied from the PDF:

2022 goals

  • NLnet funding: It is key for Mastodon to complete all the R&D effort specified in course of NLnet’s
    grant program. The grant will fund Mastodon’s developers and UI designers with a total of €45k.
    The grant will fund the development of:

    • Groups: A feature that would allow people to join and post to separate, moderated,
      private or public feeds across the fediverse, and create their own.

    • Filters: Changes to how filters are applied to posts in the API, the ability to hide
      individual posts, and to name and group filters by common actions

    • Flexible user roles: Defining roles with custom sets of permissions instead of using
      the three pre-defined “user”, “moderator”, and “administrator” roles

  • Bug-bounty program: In 2021 we were selected to receive a €50k bug-bounty grant from the
    European Commission, escrowed through the security research platform Intigriti.

  • Android: We’re beginning work on our official Android app, mirroring our iOS approach. Lickability
    will continue to work on its design, while development will be handled by Gregory Klyushnikov,
    who worked on VKontakte and Telegram and is known in the fediverse for developing Smithereen.

  • iOS: Work on our official iOS app continues, with the next milestones being first-class iPad support
    and a brand new discovery screen that will highlight trending hashtags, news stories, popular posts
    and more.

  • End-to-end encrypted messages: Brought up for the first time in 2020, it still remains our goal
    to supplant the awkward “Only people I mention” visibility for normal posts with functionality
    structured like real instant messaging communication, implemented in a way that does not reveal
    people’s secrets to server administrators unless one of the participants makes a report. While the
    required server-side “pipes” have actually been completed in 2020, the obstacle up to this
    day remains the client-side protocol design challenge none of the 3rd party developers showed
    interest in taking on. Now that we are working on our own mobile apps, we will be
    able to do this ourselves


Had posted info about the Bug-bounties, it is also for other OpenSource stuff,
so if anybody finds bugs, grab your money …

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