Mastodon to replace terminology of "Toots" and "Status" with "Post"

Just found this out via who pointed to this #software:mastodon Pull Request by Eugen:

It is quite a change, probably for the better in terms of familiatity with a broader audience. But I used ‘toot’ a lot, even though I learned it means something of a small fart. Found the use of ‘status’ ever confusing, so pleased to see that go.

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I think ‘toot’ was very strange at first, but made its way into Fediverse culture. I find ‘post’ confusing, since it’s neither a ‘toot’, the cultural thing, nor a ‘note’, the specified thing.

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There was a discussion on fedi about also changing “favourite”, which is a bit confusing and is used both to Like and to Bookmark (see my humanetech post for details).

I really liked what @Sebastian came up with for #software:redaktor-me namely “Respect”. And he designed this icon for it:

"Respect" icon


Update: The change to “post” is discussed on HN Mastodon Renaming “Toots” to “Posts” | Hacker News


This is confusing with Lemmy because we use “Post” for Page, while we call Note which Mastodon uses as “Comment”. How do other projects translate these terms?

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we use “Post” for Page , while we call Note which Mastodon uses as “Comment”

I did not know that (not a Lemmy user yet).
Is this something you imported from Reddit terminology or is it Lemmy-specific.
I would have expected something like SO, with OP (original post) and follow-up posts.

I personally dislike “branding” (“tweeting”, “tooting”, or “googling” is something that I try to fight actively, especially for the last one) and I think it makes sense to have something as consistent as possible across platforms to avoid “cultural/terminology” lock-in/out where people that are not from the platform may feel alienated.

In that respect, while Mastodon is probably the bigger fraction of the micro-blogging Fediverse, it is not the only platform at all, and other platforms do have no reasons to call their posts “toots”.
So it seems to me that, from a cultural perspective (plus having in mind some form of unity across the Fediverse) leaving “toots” as a past fondly remembered among elders may be a smart move.

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Yes, me too. But sometimes you are not in control. According to this HN comment “tweeting” was invented by the community, then later popularized by a 3rd-party app, before Twitter adopted it themselves. I don’t know about “googling” but it may have a similar history.

PS. That doesn’t mean you need to incorporate it in the UI, of course. On the other hand, if the community likes it best, why wouldn’t you use it? In a FOSS world it is more accurate to talk about “alignment” rather than the more biz-like “branding”, I guess.

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I still think it’s very unfortunate that reposts weren’t called retoots :slight_smile:

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