Minor: remove APConf2020 link from header?

Hi all! Very minor question: should we remove the APConf2020 header link from the site? It’s been a couple years :grin:


I agree, this is a job that must be done by an @admins

I do not think that the content from 2020 has lost its relevance.

In any case a link to the W3C Social Web Incubator Community Group is missing: Social Web Incubator Community Group

The link to https://activitypub.rocks/ should be removed.

That page is not maintained and contains broken links and the maintainer is not reacting to requests for improvement. The linked test page is broken since about 2018.

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There is a lot of good information there, but I agree that the process of discovering that it’s a ghost town is disheartening.

Maybe update the link to the videos ActivityPub Conference - visionOntv is a good outcome :slight_smile: