Missing? classified ads like "ebay-kleinanzeigen.de", "oodle.com", "ClassifiedAds.com" and the like

Getting more and more annoyed using ebay-kleinanzeigen.de I’ve been thinking about an alternative to use and been wondering if this would be a good application using ActivityPub.

Kleinanzeigen, small ads, classifieds, classified advertisements are an important communication form to share and re-use existing resources instead of buying new stuff.

Is there already some project anybody heard about out there trying to implement something like a federated classifieds platform? Does it make sense at all to thing about basing an application for this on ActivityPub?

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I’m not sure if I’m reading that right you want ads on the fediverse?

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No, you’re not reading this right.

By “Kleinanzeigen”, “small ads”, “classifieds”, “classified advertisements” I mean private offers and search announcements for used goods, services, neighbourhood help, exchanges of goods. I don’t really know how these “Kleinanzeigen” are called in english and tried my best to find the correct term :person_shrugging: .

If you look at the sites I mentioned you’d get a good sense of what I meant.

I do not want commercial ads on the fediverse nor anywhere else.

If there ever was ads in the fediverse the only place I would be fine seeing them is on preetube in the video where you can actually fast forward through it i would understand that just to pay for the power of the server and hdd upgrades

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I don’t know of an existing platform like that, but I understand what you are describing. There’s a Fediverse Ideas project on Codeberg where you could create a query/request related to this use case. I’d post the link but codeberg is down at the moment.

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Codeberg back up: https://codeberg.org/fediverse/fediverse-ideas

There’s also this intriguing idea discussed some time ago: Offers unchained: Federated Offerbots

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It does! I suggest you have a look at the ValueFlows vocabulary that can be used for classifieds and also more complex economic transactions. See also FEP-d767: Extend ActivityPub with Valueflows.

I’ve experimented with using ValueFlows for simple classifieds, see this comment: Anybody knows a Fediversed Market Place software? - #2 by pukkamustard


Offerbots: amazing thinking and an amazing idea (I’m reading atm “The age of surveillance capitalism” - for a very broad background of the problem I’d strongly recommend it). But far to complex to solve the problem in a short time and offer an alternative to what exists now.

Any simple solution that just allows the user to search by words and maybe by geographical distance should be designed with offerbots in mind to be able to evolve in that direction.

Fediverse-ideas: Thanks! Found it and read through it. Seems to be a good place to publish the idea and put the links showing up here at.

That’s a lot of ideas and a lot of work done. Great frameworks and a really cool example apps.

So it seems everything is there - just the very practical first attempt is missing: pushing out something basic & simple that could actually be used by people just wanting to offer a used pair of baby shoes.

The groundwork is all there, but as far as I can tell as an outsider and not a specialist in any of the topics I just read about: too complicated, too big.

From my very first impression (and impressed am I!) I’d say it’s time to simplify and get something simple, very basic out without breaking the concepts mentioned here, but with less features the surveillance capitalists out there offer.

Less features: no attention catching, no aggregating of data outside the control of its owners, no surveillance, no statistics, no phone numbers for your security.

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I completely agree and I’d be happy to support such an endeavor!

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…o.k., so where to go from here?

I’m the person that wants to sell babyshoes. I’m not a developer and I can’t invest a lot of resources. I’m an unhappy user.

If I do understand openEngiadina correctly, it would include a marked place as location related offers.

Since there seems to be interest and need for free and open places for the exchange of goods and services, wouldn’t it something the project could focus on to get productive in a first step?