Mozilla Thunderbird and ActivityPub

ActivityPub is

something Thunderbird is actively looking at supporting, in product, in 2020


It would be naive to consider that Twitter will support ActivityPub that protects the social graph (with OCAPUB). That’s why they mentioned Blockchain. There won’t be any corporate support for something that emancipates people. Markets and the Commons do not work well together.

Same estimation here. However:
I think those tweets [like the thunderbird one] are important to open up a discussion
(even if it takes place in a one-way-street).
At least Jack can’t say afterwards “You did not tell us” …

Agree w/ Sebastian. Even if Twitter is fundamentally compromised, we can still make significant, meaningful change by bringing them to the negotiating table. I would rather try and participate with them in good faith then let the opportunity for change pass us by

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