"Nativist" path to "scaling" ActivertyPub

Meany people are talking about the scaling issues small instances are likely to face with the #mainstreaming of metas threads etc.

Mostly this focuses on makeing our code work for bigger instances. Let’s look at a different “nativist” path to mediate this.

We can easily degrade response times for “viral” posts in our code, this would be a “native” response to this issue.

The non “native” response would be to push for scalability.

Yes I understand this is a balence, just trying to make an important “nativist” view visible.

This is a good point. The Big Instances expect everyone on the Fediverse to facilitate them, a Gordon Gecko-like “Scale is Good”. Some crave the emergence of a Celebrityverse with multi-million-follower accounts.

There’s the “network of nodes” view of Fediverse as @lrhodes@merveilles.town put it, and the “interconnected communities” perspective. The latter has my appeal and with that a focus on Small Tech / Small Web, small instances, small communities.

Big instances shouldn’t incur costs on small ones, to a future where only Fedi-at-Scale works. Small instances should be able to set their own preconditions to the extent to which they facilitate big instances. How exactly? I don’t know, but it may be worth considering options.


So where are the levers to pull to make this a core part of our openweb projects :slight_smile:

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