New community: ActivityClub. Are we fragmenting again?

I was pointed to a new community just ramping up:

On first glance it seems a complete overlap to SocialHub, so it would be a pity to fragment again.

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Hmm it does seem similar. But curious of whether it will be a clone. Has anyone reached out to the owners to let them know this forum exists that has a much wider audience? Maybe they dont know?

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Good point. I mailed them with:

Hi there ActivityClub,

I see you are intent to erect a new community about all things ActivityPub.

That is no small feat, as I can attest, as I have been moderator at SocialHub for 3 years.

Hereby I want to inform you about SocialHub and that your community looks to be on exactly the same topics. That is fine, of course, though it causes further fragmentation in the developer landscape (but that happens all the time in our online realms).

SocialHub has a huge archive of prior ActivityPub and Fediverse related subjects, both about the open standards, the technology itself and the ecosystem of federated applications. Many of the members are the developers of the apps themself.

Also is SocialHub involved with creating Fediverse Enhancement Proposals (see ) and has organized ActivityPub Conferences in the past.


Warm regards,

Arnold Schrijver


Seems to have stemmed from a desire to have mastodon admin discussion.

I don’t see a spot for mastodon administration and moderation discussion here, but also maybe that’s for lack of demand. Unsure.

founder: Ruud: " Yes I'…" - Mastodon


Yes, @Ruud is on this forum as well.

For your collection topic at ActivityClub, Ruud, there’s a huge ActivityPub Matrix space. Also on Lemmy there are various communities, most prominently they are Fediverse and Mastodon. Another one Fediverse Futures was started by me, and was associated to SocialHub #fediversity:fediverse-futures before (but now to Social Coding movement).

Thanks for the input, will update the topic.
I’m still not sure what to do with the new forum, I wasn’t aware of this one when I set it up.

But what I was looking for is a place for Fediverse admins. I think they could use this forum, but on the other hand might get lost in the enormeous variety of topics here…

Any input / thoughts are welcome.

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Just want to say good for you @Rudd and team for taking the plunge. I support new and even competitive efforts. I expect users will take into account trade-offs and if they find value will keep using it.

For all projects, including SocialHub, I hope that long-term maintenance and governance are addressed in proportion to the community and documentary value of the platform.

Since you’re using Discourse I can see some common ground in the long-time desire here to the software connected to ActivityPub in some useful way. I can’t adequately describe the problem it solves but it may just be a desire to connect all the things to it and related protocols.

To prevent fragmentation of the community, we may need to federate communities better.

To give you an example, in Hubzilla, there are a number of forums about Hubzilla, some official and some not official, all on different servers. But we don’t experience fragmentation because people can connect to all of them and follow conversations via Hubzilla or ActivityPub (if enabled).

I’m subscribed to all Hubzilla-related forums I know about, and it does not matter which one someone posts in, I see it and can reply.

Better federation for forums would increase engagement, even when you have multiple forums. And you won’t have to worry about fragmentation, since people can subscribe to multiple forums.


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