Newbie question on creating a meta client (close to nomadic identities/SSO)


I’m just diving into the fediverse and everything associated with it. I have 10 years of professional coding but don’t know much of what you are doing.

As lots of other people, I’m hoping for a simpler way to join as a user. I’m currently unemployed by choice and I was thinking of spending up to 6 month working on this problem. Ideally, my solution would be : a single account for everything, less technical (without server choices), and also a user experience centered about the content and not the technology.

To be able to change the user experience (mainly the sign up phase), it is impossible to make a SSO/nomadic plugin so I was starting to imagine a metaclient that would then allow access to a list of integrated services.
One point that I like about it, is that it doesn’t require anything from the current services (except allowing automatic sign-up via APIs but it does look like a configuration choice more than a new feature).

I was thinking that either of the following 2 solutions would work :
1/ maintaining 1 account on 2 different servers at all time, for each service the user is using
2/ having a backup of the user data in the metaclient and recreating an account with this data in case a server of one service used by the user is down.

Obviously, things are not going to be that simple.

I was wondering if any one can quickly comment on the elephants i’m missing. If this is associated with basic resources to learn more about those elephants, that would be even more appreciated but I will find them by myself if needed.

Thanks for any help !

Ps : i’ve thought of improvements to guarantee some degree of privacy vs the servers that would be picked automatically but i’m almost certain that there are already enough things that needs to be corrected above to keep this topic for later !


I think this kind of client can be built using the mechanism described in FEP-ae97.