News from the European Union

This is a follow up on the various meetings/events we made around the EU’s
Digital Services Act and Digital Markets Act, e.g.

and our roundtable at rC3

and the Special Interest Group in the German parliament …

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Great News from the legislative process:

The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs published amendment 51 …
It adds a requirement for #interoperability in core platform services

The piece reads

(f) – allow business users, end users, providers of ancillary services and other providers of core platform services access to and interoperability with the same operating system, hardware or software features that are available or used in the provision by the gatekeeper of any ancillary services and core platform services;


The discussions in the parliament started with Committee on Legal Affairs.
There is a multilanguage video recording where MEP Woelken explains the amendment and several MEP answer – at 14:09 ff.

It was followed by digitaleurope Summer Summit today and I just asked :

Q: On the one hand, the Digital Services Act comes with Interoperability requirements and I am thankful for the recent MEP Woelken amendment 51, discussed in EP Legal.On the other hand, e.g. the W3C recommended world’s leading federated social web standards are run completely voluntarily. And so are associated projects and prosocial ideas. Is the EU aware that this needs special funding schemes to put the Open Community / NGOs in balance to the GAFAM / big players ?

It was answered by Cedric O, Secretary of State, France
tl;dr: Yes.
The Secretary mentions democratic problems, hate speech, misinformation …
“We have to tackle a lot of democratic issues.
I hope we will make great effort under the slovenian presidency.”


The Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs’ amendment 51 basically means that twitter or fb would have to use an interoperable protocol like ActivityPub also for the core services and not only for e.g. payments.

In the last press conf. and events, I “missed” the Tech Lead, Prabhat Agarwal …

Now at the birdsite he answered :

“I’m here and happy to talk. Sorry if I did not manage to reply individually.”

See !
I would be happy to get his opinion on the Fediverse and ActivityPub in the context of the upcoming law.

Could be incredible helpful to directly ask your questions there and create some awareness for all our work.

[edit from below]
Twitter has their lobby ready and homework done:

As said, I will be in Strasbourg in 2 weeks!

There is this nice german article about Agarwal …
The fedi handle is …

Open Letter by Reporters without borders:

And also the European Pirates ask:

What do YOU want from the new rules?

Another amendment defines dark patterns for the DSA similar to the California Privacy Rights Act:

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Also Mozilla published its Position Paper and policy recommendations

btw, ActivityPub was mentioned in the edri Position Paper