Next SocialCG Meeting Time

Since the last meeting (scheduled for 2019-10-26) was canceled, is there interest in shifting our schedule to be able to have a meeting next Saturday (2019-11-02), instead of waiting a whole 2 weeks for the next scheduled meeting? @cwebber, would you be available for this?


I (and @Sebastian actually) won’t be available next Saturday. We’re at

Sorry for the delay in reply; didn’t see this. I won’t be available, but the next one is supposed to happen on Weds Nov 13. Presumably the one after that is Saturday Nov 30th. We should probably move forward with that schedule?

As I understand it, the next scheduled meeting is for the 6th, is it not? Because the last scheduled meeting was the 26th, which was cancelled, and the one prior to that, the last one that actually happened, was the 9th.

It’s admittedly unclear. I suggested the 13th because the usual schedule was the second wednesday of every month, so I’ve been scheduling the saturday ones roughly two saturdays after that. We really need to settle on a predictable schedule, though.

Any news on this ?
The 13th passed and it seems is still empty …

We can do one in 20 minutes but maybe that’s too short notice for everyone?

I guess that’s probably too short of notice.

I can do next Saturday, 4pm UTC.

How would that work for people? If people say it works, I’ll set up the wiki page.

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let’s do that one. mind also creating a thread in this topic?

I won’t be available next Saturday.

I’ll make the wiki page. @nightpool can you make the thread on here?

Page added:

I’ll make the topic on here.

Oh, there seems to be a hiatus with the SocialCG meetings.

When is the next one scheduled?

As FOSDEM is approaching we should clarify who’s going to attend SocialHub at OFFDEM so the OFFDEM team can prepare accordingly.

Another topic then would be to figure out ways to ensure continuity in our SocialCG meetings. :slight_smile:

Asked Chris multiple times … Was 2 times at the server w. congress people.
Don’t think I can make it to FOSDEM. Currently problems to pay my staff and not a born beggar.
Have Fun and rock ActivityPub, everybody.

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