Oct 23: Status Update

The past month has been:

  • Implementing more of apcore, the FLOSS ActivityPub server framework in Go. Goal is to basically be plug-in-your-mux for web handling, plug in functions for ActivityPub processing, and just launch (with either S2S / C2S or both). Provides lots of sensible behavioral defaults for the activity library, lets admins have lots of configuration options, etc…
  • Improving activity/astool code generation. This has been a big one, formally supporting the security ontology (which has type-less “types”), and trying to cram JSON-LD’s square peg into static typing’s round hole, but investing early on in the multi-vocabulary understanding of the tool paid off rather well otherwise. Code generation as metaprogramming still is a sucky problem.
  • Fixed a hash sum bug in httpsig for Digests. Proof that the hash.Hash interface in go was foot-gun designed. Yes, httpsig now does both HTTP Signatures and Digests, but still behind a very simple interface.

I’d like to thank Ben for stepping up and filing issues against Go-fed as he’s been building out a Guild Wars 2 guild application of some sort.

Also I am slightly late to the topic here but apparently go-fed’s serialization strategy of non-functional properties can cause problems in pleroma. That’s a TODO of some sort for someone, I’m sure.

This winter I hope to get the apcore/example live.

No matter if it is the activity, httpsig, apcore, or any sub-packages, always open to collaboration.

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