OGB Means Open Governance Body

Yep, power has to be taken, it will never be given, this is very obvues basic history, and we need to stop being loons on this subject and work on projects to address this, a long-established “native” to this space: Open-Media-Network/openwebgovernancebody: (OGB) This is a space for working through Governance of horizontal projects - using #KISS online tools. - openwebgovernancebody - Open Media Network can we add this to the grassroots side. When you do, you can start to see why it is needed, please try and think on this, thanks #OGB

http://hamishcampbell.com/2023/03/25/the-mess-we-have-made-over-the-last-40-years/ a post on why we keep ending up with this pointless mess.


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Assuming that you refer to this comment and ask if OGB fits the grassroots side. Sure it does… you are trying to get people interested for years on this idea.

Whether it makes sense to tie OGB closer in the particular initiatives this thread and wiki post proposes… I am doubtful for various reasons. One of those being you edited in the wiki post the following:

This is an idea that was put forward without #4opens consultation, it leaves out different points of view, and it’s likely pointless as it achieves nothing, power is not given up without presser, this is not in this path. What is your idea to move away from the mess to something more positive?* Hamish (http://hamishcampbell.com/2022/07/06/the-left-mess-we-are-in-the-is-a-hole-in-my-boat/)

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I don’t know what you mean by 4opens consultation or NGO proposals. Doesn’t make sense to me, frankly. This initiative is discussed right now and here. Also you seem to think it is pointless and not positive. In the past you have shown time and again you are not very open to collaborating. Things must be done your way, and that that means OGB or nothing. Plus repeating over and over ad infinitum how everything else is a mess and sucks.

To reiterate:

  • This thread discusses simple ways of bringing existing initiatives a bit closer together, while they retain their indepence. In this way a comprehensive navigation becomes available with forum, docs, FEP’s, articles, app lists and fedi ideas for anyone interested in the Fediverse.

If people are interested in an OGB, and this large-scoped project is taking concrete shape, it can be added to this. I’m personally having doubts, especially since you don’t really like this idea as you make so abundantly clear. DoOcracy is working, and feel free - as I said before - to launch alternative plans in separate topics.

Good time to take a moment to think on this Ad hominem - Wikipedia and the #BLOCKING

This is the #NGO thinking am talking about, we need ideas to break out of this mess please.

I don’t say any of this?

This makes no sense in context, its Ad_hominem is a bad way, we need to try and do better than this thanks.

We get structural abuse of process now, can we put this back in place as it’s about the subject please. I did not consent to this MOVE, thanks.

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Imho there’s no ad hominem other that me reacting to your own words. But it may be related to all the terminology you use, and which I misinterpreted. There’s a whole list of keywords that made me interpret my response the way I did. If that was wrong interpretation, I am sorry for that. Other than that we have had similar things happen in the past where you come in on posts of mine and say how wrong they are.

This is the well-being thread. I placed this off-topic discussion here because you flagged my post. That is the well-being procedure we have on this forum.

Update: Continuing here… https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/use-of-language-and-misunderstandings/3054

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