On the political side, arrogance and ignorance, on the geek side naivety and over complexity

This is a good read to highlight some social/tech issues we are talking about here The Open-Source Software bubble that is and the blogging bubble that was – Baldur Bjarnason

And why we need to talk about the #dotcons and how we can build useful things in the current #techmess.


We need to ask HARD questions (in a fluffy way) of people coming in with #mainstreaming agenders about where value lies The Bleeding Edge: Why Technology Turns Toxic in an Unequal World

Meany of us come from this world.

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This is a brilliant article and a MUST READ. Thanks for posting, Hamish. Finding sustainable income from FOSS development is one of my driving forces. The concerns expressed in that article have been with me for a long time, and are among the reasons why I spend a ton of time volunteeering, advocating and doing community work, rather than deep-diving into code projects (which, really, I would rather do).

Here on the Fediverse, I feel, we have greater opportunities to build flourishing initiatives in that regard than we have at other places.


Food for digestion:

What we have on the Fediverse matches free-market fundamentalism.

Isolated individuals all pushing their own agenders with the result “common” good’ish for all.

This is the state of most of the #openweb in the era of the #deathcult

We need a #openweb that “thinks differently” to push against #mainstreaming agenders and not go with this flow.

Good to keep this in mind #4opens

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We think we do things different on the #fediverse and to an extent we do, if you would like to build this difference wider then:

Are both looks at this OTHER that we are all a small part of here #4opens

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Huge discussion on Mastodon with the author of the article:

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Yep our #mainstreaming bloggers have been pushing false history for years he is calling them out.

Likely to get crucified, so support is good, and try and get him off the cross before he is stabbed with the spear, and they rub the vinegar into the wounds :wink:

#mainstreaming people are nasty when defending their safe illusions.

Had a catch-up, was not as negative as I thought it would be, think the blogger history buffs are not on the fedivers.

Yet, in that thread too, while there’s plenty problem analysis, there’s only little solution-focus coming into the picture. This makes these discussions TL;DR for many people, leaving them with a “been there, done that” hopeless feeling, without reading the bright spots and broadening these out.

(This is a general rant/gripe of mine, which I see everywhere, like also in Humane Tech Community: this is bad, that is evil… but what is the right way, and how do we get there? I miss that solution perspective very often. Btw, with climate activists this issue is also very prevalent).

That interesting

Good activist have stopped pushing “technical solutions” and started to push “social solutions”.

Thinking If we change society the people can fix the problems themselves and this is the ONLY way good change actually happens.

The is activist experience behind this shift, tech fixes have a long documented history of not working.

Examples see #XR and citizen assembles (sortation) and the fedivers “governance” project

As #XR point out we are kinda fucked and can’t keep doing the same shit :slight_smile:

Well, you don’t hear me arguing for “technical solutions”. I mentioned “solutions” i.e. stuff that addressess social issues. How tech plays a role in supporting a solution is an implementation detail, and part of the elaboration.

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I live tooted this #EU funding event if you are interested in the subject https://mastodon.social/web/timelines/tag/NGI