Outbox collection weirdness

OK, I’m trying to get collections going and have encountered something very weird.

To start with, I’m just trying to look at ‘The Independent’ newspaper’s outbox here:


This page looks correct, but if I try to go to the first page of the collection (by clicking on the ‘first’ link, or manuallly entering the ‘?page=true’ url) it sometimes works and I get taken to a page with items on it, but usually I just get taken back to the same page!

Is this happening for anyone else?

The same thing is happening with a node.js fetch() except so far it has never worked.

I guess it could be a flaky server on the Independent’s part, but mastodon seems to handle it fine, ie: if I go to to the Indpendent’s profile page it lists all posts correctly, which I assume are from the outbox?

[edit]Actually, even when it does work it’s doesn’t really - if I following a few ‘next’ links it eventually ends up stuck on the same page too!