Petnames GUI

Assigning human readable and easy-to-notice Names to Identities.

We want to discover how a Petnames Graphical User Interfaces could look like

We spoke about this in 2019 and some “Rebooting the Web of Trust” (RWOT) papers were written before and after

Petnames: A humane approach to secure, decentralized naming, RWOT6
By Christopher Lemmer Webber, based on conversations with Mark S. Miller.

Secure User Interfaces, RWOT9
By Christopher Lemmer Webber, based on conversations with Mark S. Miller


The Political Economy of Naming
By Kate Sills building on discussions about petnames with Mark S. Miller, Christopher Lemmer Webber, and others

For a broader picture …

Rough schedule:

Monday: Read papers


Chris walked us through the papers above and, yippie ya yeah –

We recorded that! :video_camera:

(watch with Firefox or Chrome)

comment on mastodon:
“There’s two links there. I just wanted to make sure you knew about them.

http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/docs/naming DEFINITELY does not get petnames right, but it’s dirt simple, and it works. is more of a well thought out petname system, and their biggest issue is that they send people hurtling away from gnunet into the unprotected Internet, by only supporting IPv4 and IPv6 address lookups. Another issue is that gnunet can be a real resource hog. And the custom dispatcher based RPC protocol makes debugging a bit of a nightmare. And nobody’s heard of gnunet, so nobody participates in it, since everyone’s only posting about some shiny new badly done ReactJS thing.”

Tuesday: Sketch GUIs
Wednesday: Code and Build GUIs

Sunday morning tests …

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