Platform updates == Achiles Heal of the Fediverse

Those who implement interoperability features create fine relations between 2 set of code with external stack, sometimes stumble on loss of service because of updates.
A dream would be an end point testing process based on an socialhub api decalring any fediverse software update !!
what does this mean :
whoever implements AP , makes available an end point of the version of it’s software and maybe feature changes
This way anyway interoperating with any software can know about changes and executes unit testing on internal end points interacting over AP.

We had just finished implmenting events in COmmunecter, and were just about to push to prod when an update of Mobilizon had an impact on our implmentation and made us go back to work to repair

Any way , I was just wondering if anybody was thinking about such fediverse cross platform testing process ?
it wouldn’t be trivial but not so complicated to create and if we make it a standard, we could validate interoperability with such or such platform

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There are ongoing talks about standardized means to define Compliance Profiles and do Capability Discovery. Nothing concrete yet, but there might be some FEP’s in the works about that. Also in the discussion on grassroots organization improvement we discuss about improving the convention to document how ActivityPub is implemented.