Popular Coverage about Trumps mastodon theft


let’s collect news coverage about TMTG and that new social network …
Please only articles regarding commons governance (the license violations) or technical articles …

[Articles complaining about missing credits, mentioning ActivityPub in 0 words]

Please note the Dr. Sanger quote in TMTG’s company overview
When the Sanger people asked for help, we talked about it in W3C Social CG and this was my answer to him: https://twitter.com/sl007/status/1345880410140643330

German articles


Patrick Orlando who collected $283 Mio. is a former Deutsche Bank broker (where Trump has debts) …

Trump has 30 days from now on …

via fedi (e.g. about the CEO and former Deutsche Bank broker)

There is now an Open Source repository

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Looks like it’s a copy of the truth social code in those repos. So it may not be a complete replica of what’s on the production site.

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Yes, thankyou.
Forgot to copy over this piece from the fediverse:

but the diffs are interesting :slight_smile:

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The SPAC meanwhile has $1.2 billion … :frowning:
The site itself published the source code here and is now officially saying that the Trump network is mastodon – but there was much more coverage about the stocks.
Less pieces than e.g.

I hope, the Policy Group can talk about it tomorrow …