Pre-Alpha ActivityPub-related bug reports

I may regret creating this topic but here goes.

If you experience a bug or other unexpected behavior while using NodeBB and its related ActivityPub integration, please post it here so it can be tracked and resolved.

No formal process as of yet, and we're still at pre-alpha so expect many things to be broken or unavailable

I received an activity with this ID:

It has two #-signs. I think it is not a valid URI: RFC 3986 - Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax

A fragment identifier component is indicated by the presence of a number sign (“#”) character and terminated by the end of the URI. I see it, thanks for reporting, just pushed a fix, let me know if the IDs still look funky.

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@the-skyfoxx can confirm this behavior.

/cc @julian any fix comming (soon)?

@macfan hi, to which issue were you referring to?

@julian said in Pre-Alpha ActivityPub-related bug reports:

@macfan hi, to which issue were you referring to?

I think this one:

But seems to work for me now