Pre-introducing the "Join the Fediverse" wiki

I’m not yet ready to introduce this to the general public, but I created a wiki for Fediverse noobs.
I started filling it with some information, but you’ll find a lot of dead links and almost empty pages.

I’d like some eyes to see if I’m going in the right direction with this and I’d love for some help writing about projects I’m not too familiar with and especially with comparing projects to well known Social Media platforms (e.g. what advantages does Pixelfed have over Instagram?).

I was a bit hesitant introducing this to the Social Hub, as there is a lot of technical knowledge here and the wiki should really mainly be for noobs. Especially the “What is…” pages linked above should introduce non-technical people who never heard of the projects or even the Fediverse to them.

There will however be advanced pages on each project found under just the name of the projects.
These could be used as drafts for the Wikipedia pages. The difference to Wikipedia however is there is no notability clause - everything about the Fediverse can have a page - people can write about their own projects and there need not be second hand sources.

I’m thankful for any help!

:rocket: Official launch of the Wiki will be New Years eve. :rocket: :tada:


And adding that you can also provide feedback on Fediverse Town in the companion topic here:

Nice work, @FediverseTown :green_heart:


Before reading this, I had just revisited Describing Fediverse apps in ways people understand.

Are you aiming for a Wikipedia type neutral tone? If not, and we can advocate for the Fediverse more, I would not write that Twitter has an algorithmic feed and Mastodon a chronological one, but that Twitter amplifies hate and controversy, to keep you watching ads as long as possible, while on Mastodon people amplify your posts if they think it has value for the community.


Good question. No I’m definitely aiming for Fedi advocacy, not for a neural tone, but tbh I’m not sure bashing on conventional Social Media is the right tone either.

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Maybe not bashing, but most people will need to told what the consequences of such design choices is. for us it may be obvious, but that is why we switched.


You’re right. I added your sentence.

It is a good point @VictorVenema. I think in case you mention that, you can still make it neutral-sounding. After all the effects of Big Tech traditional social media are clear to see. But probably with that nuance you also have to add a sub-section or sub-page where you explain more objectively how these effects are created and why they are so persistent, and then lay out the case why fediverse will be different. An often heard argument by non-fedizens is that, if fedi were to grow to similar sizes, it would still get to be just as toxic. That is something to refute clearly and with examples maybe.

Advocacy & Storytelling Guide

In the companion topic on Fediverse Town I propose we crowdsource a strategic advocacy guide with storytelling best-practices to use:

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