Questions about payments

Hi, I’ve been thinking about how what would be the best way to approach payments as the core purpose of my project is for it to be the most supportive platform on the internet to create content.

A main part of this is ensuring that creators can be paid in some way for their work without needing to rely on unreliable external platforms.

I originally had a clear idea on how I was going to approach payments was just to use payid as it is payment method antagonistic and looked like it would work easily with the protocols that will be supported by the project (activitypub, matrix, possibly others) but recently I started to notice issues after the main payid website started being unreachable, I also noticed these weird legal notices appearing below all the payid projects including the RFC repo, so I did some searching and found out that a company owned by group of Australian banks is suing ripple the people behind payid and from what I’ve gathered from looking at this i may be at legal risk if I do anything involving payid projects as I am an Australian who is currently based in Australia

so my questions are

is there any other project or protocol that do basically the same thing as payid?

if not would it be to fairly easy to create an alternative and do you have any advice on how to make sure it would work well with activitypub