rC3 - ActivityPub Assembly Build Up

Trying to give a brief introduction of the orthogonal rC3 building up.

ActivityPub and Social CG assembly.

Normally we put couches and lights into a giant physical hall for 17.000 people each year.
This year the possibilities are unlimited. Let’s make it mindblowing.
Please see what would be possible: HowTo [en] and [de]

A Live Example of our world is yet available (just first map, many bugs)
There is no exit to the main event yet, I will do exits to befriended assemblies dezentrale and digitalcourage soon …

You spawn near the lucky cat.
I’ll put 2 signs there, “Be excellent to each other” (CoC) and Introvideo.
Will trigger link when standing right in front, see top left.

To the right/top:
General socialising and party.

To the left:
The tent and rocket are links to Conf 2019 and 2020 (not ready yet).
the community garden will trigger community links, can be anything but not Software
cause we want to present any Software together in other place …
The way on the left is a path of sounds and surprise.

To top left:
Official Links and Info

To the bottom (take boats to …):

  • Federated Mozilla hubs, see this post
  • The workshop room provided by CCC VOC

What is missing?

A pixelated 128x64 (or 128x96) “Policy Tent” Sprite in Orange looking like this:

  • “3 more jumping points" = maps

An 1024x640 or so Island where all the Links to https://socialhub.activitypub.rocks/c/software/14 (all icons there) are visible.
It would be nice to have to VERY SMALL buildings (a hut for 8 people and a small tent for 2 people).
This is cool in terms of group/private socialising levels.

E.g. Tent Map (inside) = 128x128 or so

  • guestbook (we plan an official mastodon account)
  • follow button for apconf peertube/pixelfed accounts

The above howto describes howto edit the repo with “Tiled”

(data pulled live from there in test server)