rC3 – Rise Up Indymedia - a brainstorming


Indymedia - Re-awakening grassroots journalism


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We are a wide affinity group working to reboot the global indymedia network using modern federated protocols such as #activitypub. This reboot will be based on the OMN project code.

What is the OMN (Open Media Network):
The project is to shift power to the producers and consumers of media. It’s about good UI and simple empowering #KISS tools to move content, by categorising it with a grassroots folksonomy. This simple approach is balanced by shared site level syntax for the complex crew.

Hamish Campbell will give an overview with

  • Quick bit of history.
  • What is this?
  • How to revive …

Let us brainstorm how we can federate existing OMN code with ActivityPub.
In the end it’s about bringing trust back into news.

https://unite.openworlds.info/Open-Media-Network/Open-Media-Network/wiki/rC3-Talk-2020 for a talk outline - we are likely to deviate :slight_smile:

Aah, couldn’t join. Was this recorded @hamishcampbell?

Sadly not… we will do another one soon, maybe you could make one happen on your site :slight_smile:

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We should invite @aschrijver and @how with their brillant community contributions for the January meeting (?)

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For the January meeting am interested in looking in deatal at activertypub (and the new tech around it) as we should have a wider outline of the social #OMN project by then and have an urgent need to find technology that fits into it. Good focus for this meeting. Of course everyone is welcome to focus on the above.

This should lead to working on the next codebase of the #indymediaback project.

We are on a mission :slight_smile:

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Kind of related: I have made this news aggregator, which collects the RSS from a lot of leftist sources www.cmpfr.xyz. The idea is to bake in some AP functionality eventually

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looks like a good project.