Roadwork ahead: Evaluating needs of FOSS communities working in the public interest

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Evaluating the needs of FOSS communities working on digital infrastructure in the public interest

This report explores the unique nature of the community that builds and maintains free and open-source software (FOSS) and its role in sha-ping an open Internet. It draws on interviews with contributors to FOSS projects to highlight the community’s strengths as well as its challenges. It finds that, while the community runs on trust-based relationships, self-organization and self-motivation, these foster a lack of organizational structure and low diversity among contributors. This results in a lack of different skills and perspectives that are necessary for running successful, sustainable projects, and lost oppor-tunities to receive funding and other, non-monetary support. Based on these insights, this report proposes recommendations of how funders can support the FOSS community more effectively

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Sorry for being late in responding, @natacha (I suffer continuous information overload :sweat_smile: ).

This is a wonderful, wonderful resource you provided! I hope you don’t mind… I updated the title with some more context.

Some great lessons, tips and insights here, and some to consult and apply in the Organizing for SocialHub Community Empowerment discussion. There are so many relevant topics here. Just taking a random one, like “A lot of non-coding work is done by people who would rather just be coding”, which is very applicable to SocialHub and one of the reasons why there are veritable tons of open issues unaddressed in this forum and beyond. The community work isn’t valued the way it should (because there’s both direct/indirect benefit to the various projects).

Update: CC @dachary great report above

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