Scam regarding Grants

beware of this scam in the name of Sigrid Rausing Charity !
wrote them a mail now :wink:

Dear Sigrid Rausing,
Dear people,
“Dear Beloved mail”,

currently I applied for all the grants with my ethical, free, federated inherently-social
website-building software capable of serving website-building needs of institutions,
journalist organisations, citizen journalism and photo/film documentary.

Also I visited your website in the grant research for a list

While I don’t know if it is related, I was just scared about the attached eMail.
It was obvious that this is a scamming attempt “in your name” …
So, I thought, I would let you know. It is also reported publicly yet :
The author of this article claims to be a bot.

P. S.
By the time of first research I had read on your site:
“Instead, we invite applications from organisations which have been proactively identified
by the Trust according to our priorities for grantmaking.”

What if all your priorities for grantmaking are once owned by Facebook, Amazon and google ?
Wouldn’t a current priority also be to prevent that ?

Now, that I email you anyway, I will just ask very rude :
Could you please watch this video of the nlnet NGI Zero grant

I found it encouraging and have great respect that Michiel Leenaars identified the
present importance of the ActivityPub community.

ActivityPub is the recommended W3C protocol, the world’s leading federated social web standard.
Nobody is standing between “users” and their friends to commit surveillance capitalism where
user-data depends on a handful of walled-gardens aka “service providers”.
I made them a conference last year.

The problem is that “all the grants” only pay for coding of own projects.
But what is really important for the future [while the Nazis discover it too, the protocol is “open”] is :

• community management and anti-harrasment
• working together with inventors, all implementors, artists, journalists, philosophers to create a
network of consent (e.g. technically
• creating an urgent response media kit
and smaller things, it is not that much money but the impact is big.

Would love to tell you more.

Sebastian Lasse
redaktor ActivityPub CMS

Von: Sigrid Rausing
Betreff: Dear Beloved
Datum: 6. Februar 2020 um 05:13:42 MEZ
An: —
Antwort an: [SCAMMER PAGE !]

Dear Beloved mail

Please verify this is your e-mail […] It
was chosen by chance after an Electronic Computer SPIN BALL
draw, to receive a Grant of One Million Five Hundred and Sixty
thousand Great British Pound Sterling) as part of Rausing Sigrid
charity project.

Confirm your email now by sending confirmation response to Email:
[…] and I shall explain in
detail all
you need to know.

Best Regards