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Can we please move off Google for search?

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Cant find what youre looking for? Perhaps start a new topic? Or try searching with Google instead:


We’re not exactly “on” google for search, but a “try with google” suggestion pops up when a local search fails. I agree it would be nice to remove that.

Previous thread found on how a forum admin can achieve it: Removing Search with Google - support - Discourse Meta The suggestion there is:

… editing the text content and CSS. The class for the form is google-search-form, the text content can be found by searching for “try searching with google” in Admin→Customize→Text content,
… write a new theme component with this CSS, and add it to every selectable theme on the forum.


Thanks for identifying the solution.

(Ive just realised that Ive never edited CSS in my life - thats a weird realisation!)

Pinging @how on this solution.

I changed it on all themes. Can someone confirm it also works on the Dark theme, or should I add the CSS as well there?

/* Remove Gaggle search */ .google-search-form { display: none; }

It would be nice if we could choose the search engine ourselves.


Much obliged.

I shall keep in the back of my mind the aspects regarding choosing a dedicated search engine.
I assume it would necessitate a Discourse plugin?

I expect the move towards this forum interoperating with the Fediverse will complicate such an approach,… but one step at a time, eh?

Thank you @how, it works fine!

You might post about this on … who knows an easy way to achieve that already exists, or someone will create it.

For sake of completeness of the solution:

2 labels need to be changed as well:

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I had a scan in the site and found an example for Duckduckgo which looked easy enough as a point of introducing an alternative.
However, from what I understand that would equally be an imperfect solution too.

I must admit resenting that I havent built a search portal for some time.
Id love to do something with a dedicated Marginalia instance at some point (around 16GB of RAM and 2TB data should do it)

That would be a good way of scooping up all SH/Fediverse content effectively and remaining closer to FOSS/community tech stacks.

… time is a vicious thing.

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