Short meeting minutes: - -

Yesterday we had a supernice introductory meeting amongst
David and Ciaran of Block Protocol and HASH
@steffen and Martin of iconet Foundaton and

Block Protocol initially invited me cause of a messy piece I wrote, a 7 year old OWL to JSON-LD converter. When I looked at their page and specs., I thought that it could really enhance ActivityPub and the specs. could built on top for an FEP.
And also that they should work together with iconet cause both overlaps and the fediverse needs both, nomadic identity and management as well as embedded experiences.

So, my proposal to built block protocol on top of ActivityPub will require slight changes to the spec. which I’d write in a github issue there.
Please provide any input you have to them.
repo: GitHub - blockprotocol/blockprotocol: The open block protocol Ăž
specs: Block Protocol - Specification

Will update about the next meetings and we hope to meet their team at the conf “WeAreDevelopers” in Berlin in person.


Nice, Block Protocol seem very interesting!

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