Should we have a testing category

Testing, e.g. the ActivityPub test suite, is a recurring topic in the Fediverse. It might be helpful to address this by adding it as an own Forum category. If yes, where?

I would place it under programming. I’m however open for other suggestions.


I also think it could be helpful.

For context, I was wondering where to announce / discuss projects such as

which I just build. As I wish to guide the Fediverse towards being better tested, a forum category seemed a good idea.

I have a few questions about the tests, but I’ll wait to ask until we decide if we’re creating the new category and dedicated topic.

Sounds like a great idea. Are you thinking specifically about the dev side of things like protocol implementation testing and unit tests, or would this also be a category where people with experimental UI could seek beta testers and discuss the results of those?

Categories should become what people find useful. A Testing category should be about testing stuff. Looking for beta testers is not about testing but recruitment. So it should belong in say community. Discussing a beta test is completely different though.

So the proposal would be to create #activitypub:testing category so that developers would be able to share their ways of testing the compliance of their software with the ActivityPub Recommendation?

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Yes, that’s what I would want.

There is a certain caveat. The meaning of ActivityPub would not be “things that follow the 2018 W3C Specification”, but “the Fediverse federation protocol”. My reasoning for this is that aspects such as HTTP signatures are important to test, but are not specified in said specification.

My impression is that “the Fediverse federation protocol” is what a lot of people mean when they write ActivityPub.

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+1 for facilitating this subcategory.

Do you also want to be in the moderators group for the ActivityPub top-level category @helge? It should not be much work, but there was a suggestion (can’t remember where) to give better topic titles, i.e. that more clearly relate to AP or FEP spec features and improvements thereof.

Well… DoOcracy-wise let’s just do this…

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I can help moderate the ActivityPub category.

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Thank you :pray: … added to the group.