SocialCG hybrid meeting during TPAC 2023

Dear all,

SocialWeb CG is planning a hybrid (in-person plus remote) group meeting during TPAC 2023 (the major W3C yearly technical conference) in Seville, Spain.

The meeting will be on Tuesday, Sept 12 at 9:30am-11:00am CEST (local Seville time) / 3:30am-5:00am EDT / 12:30am-2:00am PDT.

Meeting info: 12 September 2023 | SocialWeb CG | Calendar | W3C

(Stay tuned for the exact room number and call-in details).


Here’s the agenda for today:

  • Extension policy - why we need an extension policy; the draft extension policy; next steps
  • Outstanding issues - the following issues with the Activity Streams and ActivityPub documents need to be resolved. They primarily require small changes to our ERRATA to note editorial errors in the text.
    • #440 — Tombstone “formerType” property needs clarification

    • #441 — Example 60 Missing @context Property

    • #505 — Compact URI speaks about “type” and “id” (not “@type” or “@id” as in JSON-LD documentation)

    • #510 — Incorrect JSON-LD: Missing ‘#’ from the end of @vocab param in Core Example 2

    • #524 — Example 2.1.2 “Context with an object” is both wrong and misleading

    • #297 — 6.11 Delivery Ambiguity

    • #376 — Relaxing the requirement for OrderedCollection to always be reverse-chronological?