SocialHub and W3C Social Web Incubator Community Group


Thanks to recent posts by @andreas_kuckartz, and as a moderator, I feel like this is a good time to inquire as to the relationship between this SocialHub and the W3C Social Web Incubator Community Group (CG).

I understand the CG was responsible for putting together ActivityPub and that SocialHub was instantiated out of that effort as well and today the CG website links to SocialHub as its forum.

Since 2017 it seems the CG had a long lull in activity but from the new mailing list it seems that activity may be picking up again.

So my question is, what is the relationship today between SocialHub and W3C Social Web Incubator Community Group? Does the W3C pay for hosting and for domain? Is there overlap between administration of SocialHub and leadership in W3C SWICG?

If we can answer these questions I think it’ll help reduce confusion, make it easier for cooperation between SocialHub and the mailing list, and ensure that SocialHub can look forward to long and healthy future.



While I can not speak for the W3C, the answer certainly is no.

AFAIK the domain is paid for by @cwebber. The domain that this Discourse instance uses for email is paid for by petites singularités, the non-profit I work for, as well as the VM it runs on and the time spent working on it. The backup space is paid for by @rhiaro.

I think we should have some kind of collective to take care of these charges instead of putting the burden on individuals.

No, but there is close contact between the three entities mentioned above, although informal.


Thanks to @weex for also initiating this discussion on the W3C SWICG mailing list.