SocialHub needs active administration

@how and @nightpool I would like to mention that for this community to prosper I feel that more responsiveness from administrators is needed.

On multiple occasions the forum has been down for days, requests by non-admins (such as by moderators, @weex and me) take very long to be noticed.

Might be that more admins need to be assigned, if available time is the issue. Better would be - as briefly highlighted before OFFDEM - that the whole governance of this community is reconsidered and improved.

Right now there’s people on the Fediverse having trouble accessing this forum in their browser:

This at a time where we must Promote SocialHub and the FEP before Fediverse turns Metaverse :scream:

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I’m also having this problem, and I’ve seen people in matrix chats complaining about it as well. Changing URL a couple of times and reloading may help.

I think it’s likely to be caused by a software update

Just experienced this today. Didn’t work from Firefox or Chrome but I toggled a couple of my extensions in Firefox and was able to get back on.

@stevebate also just DM’ed on fedi, having the problem. It is a widespread issue. I once more CC’ed @how and @nightpool in the toot.

I’m able to access the forum now after restarting my browser (MS Edge on a Mac). There were numerous Javascript errors in the dev console prior to the restart. I suspect it might be a caching issue involving outdated Javascript files that were reloaded after the restart (?). Just a guess.


I tried accessing the site from my Windows machine and had no luck, even after restarting the browser and clearing caches. I’m seeing HTTP 502 errors in the console during the loading of Javascript and CSS files and then Javascript errors after that (“define is not defined”, which is ironic).

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I suppose that @stevebate is right and that dangling JavaScript files from prior to latest upgrade created this problem. I also noticed that Ublock Origin makes the site very slow to load, so I disabled it here.

I’m all for more people administering. But @weex cannot be one of them otherwise he will burn out. More involvement by other people is something I’ve been dreaming for, especially as I have many other engagements, and I would love that the community takes over at some point.

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BTW, I think we’re due for an upgrade, maybe that will fix some issues. I see that there’s another release. I’ll try and run it tonight.