Software using go-fed


I’m looking for code to read for inspiration to use go-fed for fedeproxy. The writefreely version of go-fed is a few years old and does not help much in this regard.

Do people know which software uses go-fed in its current form?

Thanks in advance for any pointer you may have.

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Have a look at GoToSocial by @dumspterqueer which is deliciously active on Matrix and on a great path forward.

You can find more by browsing Forks of the various libs. There are some good ones. I was about to create an issue in Site repo to update the usage list on the website, but forgot.

As for and @writefreely … I asked them in this toot about their alignment with @cjs’s #software:go-fed and they are tracking that issue here: ⚓ T548 Move to go-fed v1.0

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I would contact CJ directly.

and if, tell him, the certificate needs to be renewed:

@Sebastian thanks for the advice :slight_smile:

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I’ll take a look right now, thanks for the pointer!

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Thank You for offering help there :slight_smile:

For archive, here are two walkthrough for writefreely and GoToSocial regarding how they use go-fed.