Solved should not be enabled by default

Discourse team going a bit over the top in adding features. There’s likely a setting to disable this, but it comes with category settings where “solution” checkmark is enabled. This shouldn’t be forum-wide I think, maybe only in #standards:fep and a few other categories. @how?

Well, about stackoverflow, I think you can disable the “solution”-option by default if I remember correctly.
However, If only they would have the type of ActivityPub … :slight_smile:
Personally I am enjoying very much that the type of a post can convey visual meaning!

redaktor can be like stackoverflow – {"type": "Question"} or like {"type": "Event"} or … or …

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That looks great. I love it!

I don’t think I enabled this. Found it annoying as well.

I removed it globally. If some category requires it, the plugin can be enabled by category hosts for their category.