Spring ActivityPub / Fediverse Gathering, Montreal, June 2023 (CANCELED)

The gathering was canceled for lack of commitment.

This topic is to prepare an informal hacker gathering in Montreal, Québec, sometimes in June.


I would come to this. What day?

We should probably duddle the date. Beginning of June, like 2-4 would be best for me.

  • Friday 2nd
  • Saturday 3rd
  • Sunday 4th
  • Other (make a proposal)

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I should be able to make it too!

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I tooted a link to this poll and first reply by Tim Chambers mentioned they would attend virtually, if that is possible.

I don’t think so. “Attending” means “being there with your body”. This is the difference I make between a meeting (that can be online) and a gathering (that engages your body).

I’m eager to see you again @thebaer! I must talk with you about writing, writing tools, and publishing.


I’m a couple of hours away in Ottawa and would love to attend this gathering.


I am keen to attend in-person fediverse gatherings, but I’d need help with funding to travel there from Aotearoa.

I wish you could attend @strypey, but I fear this is too long a way to Québec. I would hope you organize a local one with @angus instead. I’m sure we all would like some sneak peak inside the work of Pavilion towards Discourse federation. :slight_smile: In general I’d advise anyone who wants to organize a gathering to do it on a local basis, so that a variety of voices and approaches can share their word to the world. It just happens that I will be in Montreal in June, so I wanted to take the opportunity. But we should think about such gatherings in the most decentralized way possible. What’s important is that we share the intents and the results.

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I’ve been considering a road trip to Montreal (I live about 6 hours away), and this might be a good time for it. I don’t know yet if it’ll happen, but there’s a chance I’ll be able to attend.

I voted for 2 June but I can do other days. Do we need a space for this?

That would be good. Maybe a friendly hackerspace can do. Or a cafe with not too much noise. Or a park :slight_smile:

Notman House has some meeting space. I’ll check what availability is.

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Looking forward to seeing everyone! Are we settled on a specific date? Would like to lock in my travel plans if possible.

Just added the new event plugin in the first post of this topic to facilitate preparation.

I indicated tentative timings from 1PM to 8PM, then we can have dinner together.

I’m thinking of making it at the Foulab hackerspace in Montreal. What do you think about the place and time?

P.S.: I met some people from https://kolektiva.social who may be joining.

@evan I went to Foulab yesterday, which is a great community place, but I fear it’s very warm for a comfortable gathering (or maybe it was just me being on fire — but a garden under the shadow of trees would help). Did you manage to find some space at Notman House?

Also, all, please check the first post, the event plugin has some check-in facility :slight_smile:

Without any response, should we cancel this meeting?

This event will not happen since nobody confirmed.

I will be at DIRA in the afternoon if someone wants to meet: 2035 boulevard Saint-Laurent, H2X 2T3 TIO’TIA:KE.

Are you still here? I’d love to connect. I’m sorry for my lack of responsiveness!

I’m in Toronto now. Should be back to Montreal by next week. I can send you my Signal number.

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