Working and thinking on "native" #openweb aproches to governance

I wonder how much people recognize that from a #openweb “native” prospective we are failing in just about every way in the #Fediverse apart from more people, and more tech mess. Please don’t JUMP to take this the wrong way, more people is GOOD, more tech mess is part of the PROCESS.

#DIY is the subject of this thried, that’s the bit on the far right of the image above, how do we “build” this?

This is both technology and social, my point is we are missing balance by avoiding the social, a recent example Spring ActivityPub / Fediverse Gathering, Montreal, June 2023 (CANCELED) - #18 by how and have you noticed on this subject the same change on here (the forum) over the last 6 months.

What is a forum - a place of debate what is a fourm - Google Suche