[Standards] Portability TF - Would `id`s that aren't server-rooted URLs simplify some of the harder portability problems?

I am finally taking the “WIP” caveat off a use-cases/requirements document I’ve been working on for months. The basic thought experiment is: what if ids didn’t contain their originating or current hosting servers? This is kind of a “back-burner” research issue for the portability task force, but also relevant to people working on federated/federation-aware moderation, and interop with other decentralized social platforms.

Current draft of FEP is here

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Well then it probably wouldn’t be HTTPS. If it was, the best you could do is punt ID generation and resolution off to a nameserver of some sort.

I’m not sure I understand-- I know you need an HTTPS server to be the authority of a URL to resolve it, but what I’m thought-experimenting is, what if ids weren’t URLs in the first place? How else could they be made verifiable and resolvable, so that moving servers were a detail that doesn’t require breaking and reconsistituting the whole graph?

They’ve gotta be rooted in something. If not DNS and HTTPS, then probably look toward DIDs.

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