Talking points for 1st webinar discussion (Wiki Post)

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Preparing topics for discussion

Please add your suggestions:

Interoperability rather technical affair for policy-focused audience, instead maybe:

  • Broadcast or communicate: who is your audience and how to engage

We have to snip the very natural urge and energy to do it better.

The is a large part of luck and long time digging to make something that is useful and used like #activertypub - that’s why it is important to focus on it and both the serendipity that brought it into being and the community that made it relevant.

I would like to not get pie in the sky with future project visions of the fedivers as this is #fahernista fluff.

Let’s hold back on filling the limited space with all the “exciting” new projects and keep the focus of the event on activertypub and why they should use it.

Apologies, for some reason I don’t have an Edit-link or button, only Reply, which is why I’m replying and immediately ruining your idea, sorry :slight_smile:
I suggest to replace the final discussion point on interoperability with something concerning possible use cases of fedi-tech for public services, something like:

Broadcast or communicate: who is your audience and how to engage

I think this is more in line with the content of the webinar and the policy-focused audience.

My apologies, because I forgot Make Wiki :slight_smile:

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