Task management at FEP repository

By the way, it would be nice to start using labels for categorizing issues in the repo:

  • draft
  • withdrawn
  • final
  • meta

Can someone add them? I don’t have permission to manage labels.


I can create labels. Just to check, is the following as you want the label to be used?

Also as this FEP is final should the issue be closed?

Finally, anybody any objections to using labels this way?

Yes, thank you. We can also consider adding “inactive” and “final comments”.

I don’t actually know why we close tracking issues after finalization / withdrawal. Keeping them open forever makes more sense (someone may submit a proposal that replaces the finalized one, add more discussion links, or re-submit previously withdrawn proposal).

Another open question is meta discussions (e.g. #163 - Automatically fill slug and dateReceived metadata fields - fep - Codeberg.org). How they should happen and where.

It is a nice minimal set, and has my +1

I’ll wait at least until Wednesday to continue these things to give more people a chance to react.

I didn’t create the Meta label for no, as it would be no label:

if I understand everything correctly. Should we create a separate thread to go address these in some form?

My vision of the FEP repository is kind of “the technical stuff related to FEP editorial work”. So no meta discussions. Opinions?

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Thank you for adding labels, and sorry for hijacking the thread. IIRC Discourse supports detaching conversations - I’ll try move this discussion to a separate topic.

Codeberg issues have a “closed” state, and they can be referenced from pull requests. I think these features are very useful for managing tasks. More abstract discussions can happen elsewhere.