The conf page / certificate expired

The monthly complaints reach me that the certificate of the conf is expired.
Had opened tickets at fosshost each month and written here about it (before deletion).

I will not engage anymore with it. Nobody seems to have access to the server with the conf pages for 2019 and 2020 anymore.
The domain was

I can’t offer my money for the other servers (e.g. anymore …
This is switched off as well.

As said, both pages are hosted there at
and I created ticket #955195

More complaints and the conf page is now down since 2 weeks again.
I am really tired of opening tickets.
As said, I can install letsencrypt if I would have access to a server but I won’t open more tickets.
This is a really worse experience @how @rhiaro

Response by fosshost:

“Please note that we appear to have taken over the responsibility of managing this website and the hosting of it.

We do not provide this as a service any longer and therefore would prefer it if you took responsibility for managing it yourself, or move the site elsewhere. The reason this issue keeps happening is because nobody is maintaining the server the website is hosted on. We do not have the staff or resource to do this for you. If you are not already aware, FH does not provide managed web hosting, we only provide the bare metal / infrastructure.”

So, situation is that we have a server where only 1 person “might” have access to and so I can’t do anything anyway anymore for the page I made. So: Just FYI …

PS, This is how their homepage looks and I am a bit confused now …
There is a mirror of the page and it is also Open Source

@eth01 can you please help us working out a solution for this? I’m ready to move this elsewhere but have no access to the DNS nor any idea of the setup—although I think the git repository should be enough. Is there anything to move out of your infra to another?

cc @cwebber maybe you have more insight on the DNS since it’s your domain.